The Order of Solace Initial Report

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The Order of Solace Initial Report

Post by Cappadocius on Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:18 pm

Dusk Collective Intel: The Order of Solace Intelligence Report

''The Order of Solace is an organization founded for the sole purpose of ensuring the survival and preservation of humanity.''
-Alex Stryder, co-founder of The Order of Solace.

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Autobiography by Blue Monroe:

Goals of The Order of Solace:
The Order of Solace is an organization founded for the sole purpose of ensuring the survival and preservation of humanity ((and the FOM community)). The Order supplies food, medicine, weapons, and ammunition to those who cannot persist or defend themselves during the fall of Earth's Dominion. The Order of Solace also trains others to thrive during these harsh times and provides safe harbor to refugees and citizens of the Dominion. Although the Dominion is slowly failing, the Order of Solace will preserve and protect many of the structured laws of the government. ((We also aim to create a good game-play experience for any and all new players joining us in the FOM community.))

History and Beginnings of the Order of Solace:
Originally from the Law Enforcement Department of the Dominion Alex Stryder and Blue Monroe founded the Order of Solace, because they felt there was more the government could do to ensure the safety and security of mankind. They turned in their badges and marched out of Brooklyn to found an organization that could rightly protect humanity. They recruited Phephry Doggle and taught him every aspect and detail there is to know about sustaining through the chaos that mankind now wrought during the fall of the government. Blue and Alex felt that Pegasi 51 was a good place to found their organization, because of the ample supply of chemical that they used to provide Manhattan with medicine.

So in the Spring of 2428 in the darkest depths in Pegasi 51 the Order of Solace was founded by free citizens. The order operated by itself through Pegasi for a short time. In that time Manhattan had returned to its original state to where others could continue to sustain the lifestyle they once had. However other organizations saw only a newly prospering market, and wanted a merger with Solace. The Order Solace was interested in expanding, so that they could reach out to more, but they wanted to have enough freedom to act as a separate entity.

On Pegasi 51 the leaders of Colonization and Mining Guild and Vortex Incorporated met with the Order of Solace inside one of Pegasi's humble pubs. Colonization and Mining made a promising case in the beginning, but they brought more members and started demanding more from The Order of Solace. Christopher Adams of Vortex could no longer watch. He proclaimed the injustices of the CMG and he was shot down in the process. In a motion of fury the Order of Solace turned down the CMG and promised to never operate on Pegasi while the Colonization and Mining Guild ruled over it.

Afterwards the Order of Solace retreated to Tokyo and joined Vortex. They decided then to operate in Paris, France and they continued to operate the same way they did while they were independent. To their surprise Vortex was a faction that held best interests of mankind and operated in a kind and positive manor. Impressed by this the Order of Solace was happy to operate within Vortex Incorporated.

Notes on The Order of Solace:
The Order of Solace will only operate and assist other factions if the outcome supports mankind as a whole, ((or if it benefits the Community of FOM, there for we do not support Ganking, RP trolls and or groups who wish to diminish the key aspects that FOM was based on.))

The Order doesn't appear to harbour an exceptional quantity of members.
The Leaders of the Order do not appear to be exceptionally experienced or otherwise skilled in the management of a faction.
The Order will be a peaceful entity, provided it survives the onslaught that is sure to occur for most, if not all, starting factions.
As stated previously: Provided it survives and becomes a stable faction in it's own right - something the author of this particular document sincerely doubts - The Order will serve mainly as a neutral eco-faction supplying the markets.

Author's note: One might perceive the above report as severely 'lacking' in comparison to the other reports that have been released in the past. The author thus wishes to remind you that, as of yet, The Order of Solace has yet to do anything to prove it's place among the community as a manageable faction and not just a waste of time for both the author and the Network as a whole.
In the event the faction proves it's legitimacy on a respectable level the Dusk Collective might be moved to further update the report.

Report: Cappadocius

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Re: The Order of Solace Initial Report

Post by Chip Lawrie on Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:48 pm

I'm afraid the analysis for this faction will also be brief:

The Order of Solace appears to be a less violent version of Vox Populi, it's members are relatively new citizens of the Dominion and have done little of any worth.
I suspect that this organisation will be absorbed into another faction such as Vox Populi, if they do not - or if any of it's members commit any action of note this analysis will expand.

Analysis: Chip Lawrie

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