The enlistment/training process and you.

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The enlistment/training process and you.

Post by Kreian Legion on Wed May 22, 2013 9:38 pm

Upon completion and acceptance of the Network application form found here , you will be enlisted in the organisation as a Recruit. It is recommended you read this document before application.
As a Recruit, you will have little to no standing within the faction and the most basic of perks: protection from the external world.
Upon joining, you will be subjected (at the nearest opportunity) to basic training. Upon completion of this training, you will be given a task in relation to the Division you wish to join. These tasks vary depending on each Division's philosophy in an attempt to reflect the type of work you will be doing should you be successful.
Once you complete this task, you are granted the right to wear the organisation's uniform and armour while on duty in designated Network territory, alongside conditional acceptance into your selected Division.

Conditional acceptance in this regard requires you to partake in further training in order to join your Division,
therefore you will still be regarded as a Recruit until you complete Specific-To-Arm Training for your chosen role. This is a more advanced training regime which hones your skills to suit your new-found role within the Network, upon completion of which you are fully accepted into your chosen Division, or Arm.
With this, you receive your first promotion to the appropriate first rank within your Division, and the right to wear their designated uniform (if applicable) alongside any other perks that your new rank may carry.
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