The Network: A brief introduction

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The Network: A brief introduction

Post by Kreian Legion on Wed May 22, 2013 9:02 pm


The Network is a politically neutral Intelligence Network that was born from a highly secretive subdivision of the Brotherhood. Upon the destruction of the Brotherhood, the Director chose to continue the supposedly prosperous work of "SIN" under a banner that would provide more anonymity. They work on a purely contractual basis, though are known to be fiercely defensive of their headquarters and engage in barbaric conflict with all who dare disobey the strict rules enforced throughout all Network territory. It is speculated that the Network have strong ties to certain gangs that formed following the collapse of the Brotherhood of Shadows.

The Network consists of several different branches, each with a designated leader. These leaders form "the Conclave"; the ruling body of the Network. Each member of the Conclave holds an equal vote. The Director sits above the Conclave with double voting power, and oversees the activity in their respective branches.
The Network will largely keep to itself inside its own territory, unless provoked into conflict.

The Blood Guard - A territorial security force, the Blood Guard are in charge of ensuring no unauthorised civilians enter Network territory. They will warn anyone that comes into their turf unauthorised or armoured/armed once, and only once. Should the trespasser ignore the request to leave, the Blood Guard will open fire with full lethality. They are in charge of all security operations at Headquarters, and will be the first in line to engage any enemies of the Network on foreign soil. They have been known to escort members of the Dusk Collective along with Cybernetics and Logistics on particularly dangerous missions.

The Dusk Collective - The investigative cell of the Network, they accept any and all contracts not directly related to killing. They are not afraid to shed blood, but specialise in reconnaissance, hacking, forensics and tracking. They report only to the Director's orders when off contract. They have the power to request armament orders from Cybernetics and Logistics, and escorts from the Blood Guard.

Cybernetics and Logistics - The in-house production team that provides all specialised equipment to the Network, including modified weapons and implants. When not filling an order, they are researching new schematics and acquiring all data they can. Skilled hackers, they have been known to assist the Dusk Collective on economical research contracts. A small team, they are known to keep to themselves.

Dying Sun Mercenary Training - The biggest, baddest, most brutal training cell out there. They primarily work on honing the abilities of those inside the Network, but can be hired by other organisations to get their forces up to scratch. When they aren't on training duty, they perform administrative duties and liase between the other three branches to ensure efficiency of the highest level.
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