Streamlining and Efficiency - Changes to the Network

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Streamlining and Efficiency - Changes to the Network

Post by Kreian Legion on Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:34 am


As suggested and discussed between various members of our organisation, certain changes have been put into effect.

The Dying Suns has been removed as an official Division - from now on, training will be given specifically by trusted members of the faction who have proven themselves in their specific fields. This will give us a chance to bolster our numbers in other areas and increase the overall strength of our active combatants.

The number of Conclave members has been increased to 6 - Three members tied to a Division each, and three "floating" members. This is to reduce bias in regards to punishment and also to ensure leadership is more frequently available. The following members have been promoted to Conclave status, with the rank for "floating" Conclave members being known henceforth as Commandant:

Commandant Cyril Valdar
Commandant Augustus Giovanni

Have a pleasant day, Operatives.
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