An address from the Director.

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An address from the Director.

Post by Kreian Legion on Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:07 am

Network personnel, clients, friends... enemies,

The path ahead of us is obscured, hazed by uncertainty. To clear the way you must first clear your minds.
Forget the ways of the old world, for it is gone. However, remember what it has taught you: 
cloning technology has lead to the downfall of civilisation - we have grown idle, complacent and weak-willed as a race. 
Do not carry with you the old world mentality, for it is a burden. Instead, cleanse yourself and be revitalised. Together we can carve our own destinies: screaming at the stars themselves, which will soon learn to tremble in our wake.

Cast your burden into the flame, for a new era has dawned; the era of Discipline, Honour and Integrity. The era of prosperity for those willing to work for it. The era of the nameless shadow. You have finally found the road after leaving the forest, and soon you will join me as we take our first steps into the haze, willingly or otherwise. Be prepared, remain vigilant. Soon we will learn to function as one.

The Director.
Kreian Legion
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